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Saniclips® washbasin plans

Saniclips sanitary cabins can be supplemented with functional equipment and fittings, also made of compact laminate.

Washbasin plans:

Applied on a wall or with separations, the washbasin is the ideal complement to your sanitary spaces. It is made of compact laminate panels with a thickness of 10 mm or 12.5 mm. Easy to maintain and very resistant, the washbasin is customizable by the cutting shape of the plan and fallout.


Headband spot
Holder Cut-out Fallout


It is possible to give shapes to the washbasin plans and their jambs. Rounding, waves, cuts, etc. Send us your proposals, our Design Office and Quote Service SANICLIPS® will study your project.
A selection of more than 20 sets is available from the Qovan map.
SANICLIPS® equipment can be customized with pictograms directly engraved in the compact laminate.