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P85® partition of 85 mm, suitable for the development of spaces for the tertiary sector and industry.
P85® modular bulkhead 85 mm thick, glass edge-to-edge or solid, compliant with DTU 35.1, designed to accommodate spacious and bright volumes

partition Solid fillings


P85 EPURE removable partition offers a finish without exposed frame. In full, the implementation of plaster or melamine facings is facilitated by the PERFORMA® hanging system. Developed by our research and development department, it guarantees dismountability and removability during maintenance operations.

In the full-height glazed version, P85 EPURE accepts all types of glazing from 10 to 12.8 mm and allows mounting up to 3300 mm in accordance with DTU 35.1. The assembly of the glazing is done using plastic junction profiles.

P85 EPURE actively contributes to obtaining HQE, BREEAM and LEED environmental certifications for tertiary buildings.

CONFIGURATION - 85 mm Partena® bulkhead:

Full full height up to 3050 mm

Full height glazed up to 3000 mm in glazing from 10 to 10.8 mm and up to 3300 mm in glazing from 12 to 12.8 mm (according to DTU 35.1)


A variety of facings are compatible with the P85 EPURE system: standard BD13 plasterboard or acoustic plasterboard coated with 0.75 mm pre-lacquered coated sheet; cellulose fiber plate; 12 mm melamine panel with plated vertical edges; Compact laminate panel 12.5 mm


P85 EPURE accepts all laminated or sandblasted glazing from 10 to 12.8 mm


Accessories: Venetian blinds, skirting boards and posts for fluid
passage Glazing: sandblasting, lacquering, glatrophanie, printing on glass


Round or square, the reversible frame in lacquered aluminum accepts a variety of standard doors or any height: solid core laminated wood door 40 mm; full or glazed aluminium frame door swinging, sliding or pocketing; glass door type Clarit 8 or 10 mm swing or sliding. With the P73 square frame, P85 INITIALE offers 2 high-end bi-flush aluminum doors 85 mm thick, the dual and the DS dual. We also offer 85 mm thick bi-flush doors in laminated wood.

USES of this Partena® partition:

offices Circulations Meeting rooms
Collaborative workspaces