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The LINEANCE® brand offers a vinyl collection and paper coatings on our various filling panels.
To put the finishing touches on your office layouts, we offer a wide range of coatings from our LINEANCE® offer.
Partition siding coated in 100% vinyl PVC or paper supports covered with a decorative film on one side.
QOVANS offers a permanent stock of filling panels ; in plasterboard, plasterboard dB, Fermacell as well as chipboard panels.
These panels available in several sizes adapt to all our removable partition systems.

Facing on

Dimensions of partition siding available:

Plasterboard BD 13 coated Vinyl and paper:

Lengths 2500 - 2600 - 2700 - 2800 - 3000 - 3200 mm

Width 1200 mm

Acoustic plasterboard db, Twin and Twin plate db

Lengths 2600 - 3000 mm

Width 1200 mm

Available filler panel sizes:

Vinyl coated Fermacell plate

Lengths 2500 - 3000 mm

Width 1200 mm

Dimensions of aluminum partition filling panels available:

Vinyl coated wood chipboard

M1 panel available without cutting in:

Lengths 2550 - 2830 - 3000 mm

Width 1250 mm

M3 panel available without cutting in:

Lengths 2550 - 2780 - 2830 - 3000 mm

Width 1250 mm


Cross-referencing is possible.

Conditioning of partition cladding:

Available from 4 panels - 50 panels per pallet