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REMOVABLE PARTITION CLIPS® of 79 MM, C+ FIFTY customizable, combining transparency and aesthetics.
79 mm thick removable partition bulkhead is the first edge-to-edge mounting system, compliant with DTU 35.1, suitable for workspace layout.


C+ FIFTY is the first mounting system for removable, removable glass edge-to-edge bulkhead with guardrail certification. In lacquered aluminum, C+ FIFTY is customizable using powders from the RAL board or structured metallic finishes.

Compatible in single or double glazing, C+ FIFTY removable partition 79 mm Clips® accepts all glass modules from 10 to 12.8 mm. In double glazing, it is possible to integrate a decorative connection to work a signage directly integrated into the partition.

Like the glazing that makes up the partition, all FIFTY components are reusable.

C+ FIFTY actively contributes to obtaining HQE, BREEAM and LEED environmental certifications for commercial buildings.

CONFIGURATION of our modular partition Clips®:

  • Full height glazed
  • Single centered or offset glazing
  • Double glazing


C+ FIFTY Cloison Clips® accepts laminated or tempered glazing from 10 to 12.8 mm thick.


In double glazing, C+ FIFTY modular partition Clips®, can accommodate a decorative connection cut with water jet or laser to integrate a design signage directly to the removable partition. Motifs and / or texts come to dress the partition.


Wide choice of lacquering: RAL, Structured Metallized
Decorative connection cut with laser or water jet


Without sound glazing: from 43 to 46 dB Rw

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A perfect complement to the C+ FIFTY glazed edge-to-edge partition, the dual-flush DUAL door offers a sleek high-end layout. Available in laminated wood or glued glazing, the DUAL door fits into a reversible square frame in lacquered aluminum.

USES of our removable partition walls:

offices Circulation
Meeting rooms
workspaces Lobby