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Founded in Normandy in 1964, QOVANS has more than 55 years of success, in the design, production and marketing of removable office partition systems and workspace and tertiary solutions.

Our headquarters and our industrial site with an area of 35,000 m2, is located in Falaise in Calvados, QOVANS is positioned on the market as a solid group, a reference in the sector.

We are a company in constant evolution thanks to its projects and through our brands Clips, Partena®, Saniclips®® and Fontex® that affirm Made in France.

Professional Equality Index

Professional equality index 2023 for 2022: not calculable for the year

The overall score of 25/45 (not usable) was obtained by aggregating the scores of all the following comparative indicators between women and men:

Pay gap indicator: not calculable (headcount threshold not met)

Indicator individual rate difference of increases: 25/35

Indicator return of maternity leave: not calculable

High salary indicator: not calculable (headcount threshold not reached)

It should be noted that the score is unfavourable in particular because of non-calculable indicators (due to the minimum number not reached on the pay gap indicator, as well as for high salaries and the absence of maternity return over the year).

An imbalance in favour of women on the wage increase indicator would have been worth the maximum number of points if the pay gap indicator was calculable.