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Dual bi-flush door

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The DUAL bi-flush door with glued glazing without pareclose offers a sleek design. This deep partition finish is part of our removable partition walls Clips® and P85®, its design designed for high requirements, will bring to your layout a homogeneous and neat aesthetic effect.


The DUAL door allows a flush full-height finish on the office side but also on the traffic side. Its concealed hinges ensure an effect of unity between the door and the frame.


Maximum height: 2779 mm for HSP of 2700 mm Width: 830 or 930 180° opening, free passage from 796 mm (830 mm door) to 896 mm (930
mm door)
Thickness: 79 mm or 85 mm

CONFIGURATION of our removable partition doors:

  • Any height
  • Single leaf door
  • Double leaf door


Single or double leaf


Kickstand with rosette Ø 55mm
Other models on consultation


Maximum height: 2579 mm for an HSP of 2700 mm

Finish options:

Colour of screen printing Retractable acoustic plinth