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Dual Silence bi-flush

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DUAL Silence doors, a design combined with unparalleled acoustic performance, available with our C+ and P85
removable modular partitions The DUAL Silence door is an all-height bi-flush aluminum frame door with unparalleled acoustic performance. Designed to fit perfectly into our systems of removable partition walls under joint cover and edge to edge of our brands Clips® and P85®, the Dual Silence door allows a harmonious opening in the layout of your offices.


The Dual silence door is a bi-flush aluminum frame door with invisible hinges ensuring a design that is both modern and elegant, but also providing real sound comfort.

CONFIGURATION of our removable partition doors:

Full height glazed with single or double leaves Full height with single or double leaves


Max height: 3000 mm Width: 830 or 930 (other width on consultation)Thickness:
79 mm in Clips®
85 mm in P85®
®106 mm
+ eVo 100


acoustic baseboard Crutch on narrow rosette